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Dangit now I want this creation.
Nov 7, 2013

Dangit now I want this creation.

Nov 4, 2013 / 1 note
Oct 8, 2013

I think I’m just gonna start making Paint depictions of the food I make because my camera is almost always dead and I don’t know how to take good pictures anyway. 

Today I made summer squash strata for tomorrow’s breakfast but I ate some already and milk-marinated chicken with a red curry rub and cinnamon butternut squash.

Sep 5, 2013

Our landlords are back from their vacay

You know how I know?

We went to the backyard after I got home from work so I could do some pruning. Our log borders were against the house and the whole backyard was mowed. He thought we were done for the season :l Dude, there was a border. I really should have put up a sign that said Garden…I said I would before, but that was a joke.

At least we had some stuff sitting safely in our containers. But bye bye pumpkins, cucumbers, basil, and carrots. I hardly knew ye. Except for the fennel, because that was actually growing pretty damn well.

:*( :*( :*( 

Tears of a sad home gardener.

Aug 26, 2013
  • Why does my leg ache.
  • Over the weekend Joanna and I saw this epicly tall sunflower but I was driving and we were in a rush so no picture :( It might have been 10 feet tall though
  • Birthday presents have been pretty awesome so far: knife block, boxes of macarons, fruit, money.
  • I brought way too many carbs to work. Didn’t have time to pack the fruit.
  • Keep forgetting about my car registration.
  • Took videos of Joseph fishing with his new rod but deleted them all. I was trying to narrate everything and I said incredibly lame things.
Aug 21, 2013

Wish list

Not sure when I’m gonna be able to see my mom during the day but usually when I’m around she takes me birthday shopping

  • Black blazer
  • Rain boots
  • An umbrella that won’t break when it’s too windy
  • Dance of Dragons? I probably won’t be able to wait til October
  • A cat but I know we can’t have one until December at the earliest.
  • Socks. I don’t know where all my socks go but I need more, especially the ones with the grips so they don’t slide off your feet.
  • T-shirts. I think I must have left most of them behind when we moved and I didn’t have many to begin with. It seems like I own 2 right now that are blank that are suitable for work.
  • Jeans that aren’t skinny jeans. But why does it feel like everything is skinny jeans these days.
  • Subscription to a food magazine. Not Rachel Ray.
  • Thread. For crafts. Because I’m running out. I know nobody’s getting me thread though lol.
Aug 21, 2013

Foods list

I was stupid and bought empanadas even though I’ve been avoiding fried food and now I don’t feel well. Figure making a list might help.

Bad ideas:

  • Fried food
  • Carbs that aren’t whole wheat/grain
  • Too much dairy…don’t know how I’m going to measure that.
  • Red meat
  • Any food that is beyond mildly spicy…or anything acidic really which is tough because I like vinegar and marinated veggies and grapes.

Still trying to figure out a balanced diet that fits this. I also can’t have a lot of raw fruits and some veggies and most nuts because of allergies and I’m allergic to flowers otherwise I would have eaten all the squash blossoms in our garden :( Maybe I’ll ask the vegetarian neighbor if she wants some. I also know I shouldn’t have too much sugar but that one is hard.

I’m gonna try to make myself some more soft-boiled eggs. There’s no oil involved there and the cooking cleanup is minimal. And maybe try to stick to fruits with thick skin like bananas and oranges so I don’t have to be paranoid about bugs getting into my fruit and ruining things.

Aug 20, 2013

I tried aerated chocolate for the first time last night and I can’t believe I threw out all the ones I got years ago when I was in London because I had all that extra change left on my daily meal plans. I hate how with meal plans (or at least ours) nothing can carry over to the next day, so if you had money left over for the day, you had to use it. I did get some packets of sugar and butter that came in handy later though.  Well, some of the aeros were mint, I wouldn’t have eaten those anyway. But the regular chocolate is good.

Next stop, Breaking Bad marathon.

Aug 20, 2013

Our department is gonna be gone in a few months. So now I kind of feel even more indifferent than before. They’ll try to find me something else but I should try even harder now to find work close to home or step up my freelancing. Or just think long and hard about what I really want to do. The horror :P

I checked out the garden last night. Gonna need to do some serious weeding on our corner for the plants’ sakes and to get ready for the party. Eff, I need to get groceries for the party. Why didn’t I do that over the weekend.

Last night I had one of those horrible cat dreams. In this one Allie was alive but she was a kitten. And we kept forgetting about her and she wasn’t being fed so she turned really really small and was squeaking around. Then I gave her a tiny thing of dry food and a tiny saucer of water. I already know what those dreams mean, I’ve had so many of those already.

Aug 18, 2013 / 2 notes

Went to Governors Island for the Jazz thing then rented one of those 2 bicycle thingamabobs and went around the island. Probably coming back, there’s free kayaking I wouldn’t mind checking out.

Aug 15, 2013 / 2 notes

Long journal blog post.

9 hours of sleep and I’m still sleepy. Booo.

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Aug 11, 2013


  • We kind of reached our monthly quota for eating out this weekend. Oops. Twice it was at the sushi place down the street though, and they still have a 15% discount going on…their prices were already good too. Plan on cooking a lot this week anyway so we won’t have to eat out.
  • My throat hurts today. Drinking tea and hoping it’s just one of those flukes.
  • I really wanna go fishing soon. Saw people at the dock and they caught a few. It would be the perfect thing to do while waiting for laundry. We saw police on boats and it was the funniest thing. They just come up and ask how the catch is today and make sure you’re not doing anything illegal, then they hop back on the boat and speed off.
  • Got stupid grass allergy hives while trying to pull out these giant weeds. Can’t believe how fast they grow. 
Aug 9, 2013

Just finished cutting out the shapes for cornhole boards or whatever you call them and I’m really beat.

I mean, they’re not regulation but it should do. Will make the bean bags and paint the boards later. 

Has anyone played kubb before? I used to have a lot of Swedish followers on my old Tumblr, probably not the case now.

Aug 1, 2013

Tabs I have up right now

  • Work thing
  • Work thing
  • Bett Vernon (Mary Kay NSD). For some reason I find that whole thing fascinating, people either love or hate Mary Kay and the company.
  • Maria Mitchell (Today’s Google)
  • Fox terrier…was initially looking up Jack Russels
  • Do or Dine…what in carnation happened to Justin on Food Network? Ugh.
  • Food Network gossip blog
  • A list of 1-star book reviews of classics. Pretty funny.
  • List of Latin phrases beginning with “a”.
  • Tumblr.

Other things

  • I keep saying I’ll go up on the roof to get fresh air during lunch or go to the urban park area in front but I never do. I think it’s supposed to be raining today anyway.
  • Trying to find foods that don’t make me feel fat or greasy. Which is proving difficult. Even though I’m trying to avoid carbs and fried food. Trying to cut down anything high in fat or sugar and I just feel like that doesn’t leave a lot of options.
Jul 30, 2013 / 2 notes

drank half a cup of coffee and I’m still sleepy. Halp.

All I can do is stretch and yawn and brainstorm hypothetical baby names (Romelia, Victorino).

I had 9 hours of sleep, this makes no sense. Yawn. I would listen to some loud rock if headphones were still allowed but they’re not.